"Annie and Danny in Alphabet Tower" - a new type of children's book/e-book, combining a fairy tale with educational content and picture dictionary.

You will meet Annie and Danny - studious and curious children. While they are reading a book about the land of Bookvaria, they decide to make a trip to that wonderful place of learning. When they reach that land, a huge castle appears. At the castle gate they meet a wizard, who introduces them to the world of knowledge. More....

Available Formats: Paperback, CD, EXE, ePUB, PDF.
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"English Alphabet in Colors" - learn the shape of each letter, write English alphabet letters, color letters and objects starting with particular letter by alphabet activity worksheets.

The e-book includes 52 black-and-white illustrations and 40 color illustrations, starting with the colors. Each page contains instructions how to write each letter, object beginning with that letter and a color sample.

It is a great resource for preschool and kindergarten kids learning English. More...

Available Formats: Paperback, ePUB, PDF.
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Annie and Danny in Alphabet Tower - educational children's book and ebook for preschool and kindergarten kids
English Alphabet in Colors - educational children's book and ebook for preschool and kindergarten kids
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